Our Facility

At Volition Fitness, we provide only the highest quality commercial grade equipment that the industry has to offer. We trust brands like Legend, Rogue, Sorinex, EliteFTS and Pendlay to provide you with the ultimate in strength and conditioning equipment. Our studio is nearly 1800 sq. ft., with a bright atmosphere and plenty of clean, open space. Our amenities include a full set of commercial pro-style dumbbells ranging from 5-100 pounds in 2.5lb increments, over 2000 lbs. of plate weight, a selection of 15 and 20kg Olympic barbells, specialty bars (including safety squat, trap bar, and swiss/football bars), two fully-featured squat stands and a full size professional grade power rack, an Olympic platform, a broad selection of kettlebells, and multiple posterior chain focused machines. Please check out our gallery to see more!

In early 2018, Volition Fitness will be expanding to a 4500 square foot facility, with numerous facility upgrades including indoor turf, more equipment, and a fully IPF legal competition setup!