How much does personal training cost?

Please follow this link to our service rates. Even though we are a private studio, our rates are typically 25% lower than most gyms or other studios in the area. And unlike nearly all gyms and studios in the area, we are upfront with our rate structure, allowing you to decide if we fit your budget without “trapping” you in a consultation meeting or a long term contract. Our average client will purchase 36 sessions (enough to last 3+ months on an average training plan), with each session priced at $45.00 (prices vary based on level of commitment, see rates page for details).  Consultations are free.

What do training sessions include?

Our training sessions are typically one hour long sessions that include exercise prescription, technique coaching, nutrition planning and education, body composition assessment, and moral support.  Clients can expect to have full access to top-of-the-line strength and conditioning equipment in a clean, open, and inviting atmosphere.  Exercise programming (Excel worksheets) are included for clients at 2x sessions per week or greater.  For those attending 1x session a week or less, exercise programming is additional.  Basic nutrition education and programming (ie, macronutrients and calorie counts) are included.  For more extensive nutrition coaching, we highly recommend our Precision Nutrition coaching program.

How often do I need to come in for training sessions?

All clients are individually assessed based on their needs, goals, and experience with training.  Most clients will attend 1x per week or greater, with an ideal attendance being 3x per week for most goals.  We coach many clients that attend 1x per week that make excellent progress, though they will typically train on additional days on their own using our custom designed programs.  We typically will not take on clients at less than 1x per week unless special circumstances exist (ie, powerlifting, bodybuilding, or other goals that require very long term training protocols).  At consultation, clients will be provided to a scaled recommendation for their goals and current fitness level.

Do you offer group programs?

We offer several group training options:

We offer 2-on-1 training programs, which may include up to two individuals per trainer, per session. These sessions are only offered during limited timeslots, and cost our normal 1-on-1 personal training rates plus an additional $5.00 per person, per session.

We also offer semi-private personal training, with up to 4 clients per session.  Offered in limited timeslots, semi-private training is our most affordable personal training option.  Offered in 1-4x weekly options, with term contracts required.

We do not offer group training sessions for clients with advanced goals, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, most competitive sports, or those groups with large differences in fitness level between participants. Group options are assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be denied at any time, for any reason.

Do you offer in-home or outdoor training?

We do not offer either of these options, namely because we truly believe that far too many corners get cut in training efficiency in order to accommodate these preferences. Before considering either option, investigate whether or not the trainer or business is insured or permitted for this type of activity – in many situations, they are not! Typically these options, while convenient or in enjoyment of the outdoors, sacrifice many of the training elements that a fully equipped facility can offer. If results are the most important outcome of training, we recommend using the tools most specific to your goal – not sacrificing for sunshine or in lieu of a little travel time.

How long will it take for me to see results?

The answer to this question depends on your goal, your level of drive and commitment, and your overall adherence and flexibility in regards to our programs.  For body fat losses, a client with a high level of commitment can expect to lose 1% body fat per month.  Greater losses are possible, but may not be sustainable.  For clients with lower starting body fat percentages (ie, leaner clients), composition changes may be slower due to the difficultly of losing additional body fat.   For clients looking to gain lean mass, predicting results are difficult.  Progress will depend on initial training state (ie, whether or not the client has trained for a long period of time, favorable adaptations, etc.), overall drive and dedication to goals, intensity and focus, and commitment to nutrition programming.  With this in mind, we have seen clients add 1-3lbs. of lean mass per month that is “sustainable” (ie, assessed over long term, not “water-weight”).   For endurance, strength, speed, or power based goals, individuals are assessed prior to start of training and given reasonable expectations based on those assessments during consultation.

Do you sell supplements or food to help with my goals?

We do not sell, nor do we market, any supplements, food programs, or products outside of the services we list on our website. We believe that all realistic goals are attainable without needing to buy these “supplemental” products. We actively encourage our clients to eat freshly prepared “whole” (see: REAL) food and acquire the grand majority of their nutrition from these sources. Any common recommendations may include the “basics”, which may be multi-vitamins, supplemental protein products (powders, bars, etc.), or certain proven ergogenic aids vetted for the safety and efficacy (ie, creatine, BCAAs, etc.).

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do sell gift certificates, however we must meet with any prospective client prior to the sale of any training sessions. This is to assess whether or not they may be able to participate in an exercise program safely and effectively, and to conduct pre-screening protocols related to these issues. Gift certificates may only be purchased for session credits, not dollar amounts, and are 100% non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to timeslot approval and availability.

Volition Fitness reserves the right to update pricing at any time without notice.  Volition Fitness accepts no responsibilities for typos or misprints regarding pricing or other policies.