Precision Nutrition Coaching

Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Volition Fitness is proud to be offering nutrition coaching using Precision Nutrition’s method. This is not a diet. This is not a gimmick. This program teaches nutrition on an individualized basis-what is right for you and your goals. Every individual is just that-an individual. Your lifestyle is different. Your habits are different. Your goals are different. And a “one size fits all diet” won’t work. There is a reason “diets” don’t work. We are not made to overhaul our lifestyle overnight, and that’s what diets require you to do. Instead, we coach each individual on their lifestyle, and how they can become successful with their goals without the strict “rules” of a diet. We will help you develop nutrition habits that will stick around long after the latest fad diet has died out. We look in depth at your lifestyle, current nutrition habits (including grocery shopping habits and kitchen set-up as well as what you eat) and goals. Only with getting the big picture can we know where you are at, which will guide us to where you would like to go.

Program Options

Program options may vary dependent on individual needs. Base programs listed. Please call or email for more detailed quotes for your individual needs.

Program Add-ons
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  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Kitchen Makeovers
  • Grocery Budgeting
  • Meal Prep Scheduling & Instruction

Volition Fitness reserves the right to update pricing at any time. Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Volition Fitness accepts no responsibilities for typos or misprints regarding pricing.  Please call to confirm current pricing schedule.