60 Minutes | 2-on-1 (Couples/Pairs) Personal Training



We offer pairs training programs, which may include up to two individuals per trainer, per session. These sessions are only offered during limited timeslots, and are only an additional $10.00 per person, per session over normal 1-on-1 rates. Pairs options are assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be denied at any time, for any reason, including groups with large differences in fitness level between participants or those with very advanced goals. Includes extra programming at 2x sessions per week or greater (additional charge for programming if 1x session a week or less). Please note that we do not actively “partner” individuals (or seek partners for you) for these sessions, and you must enter with or seek out a partner on your own.

2-on-1 Training
Assessment and Body Composition
Program Design
Technique & Coaching

2-on-1 Training

  • Up to two participants per trainer, with the same quality of coaching and results as 1-on-1 training at a more affordable price per person.
  • Recommended for trainees with similar goals and of similar fitness levels.
  • Not available for Olympic technique programs, bodybuilding/figure/physique coaching, or for those groups with large differences in fitness levels.
  • All groups are assessed prior to being offered 2-on-1 training, in order to give you the best idea of what will be best for both of your results.

Assessment and Body Composition

  • Assessment of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and overall health status.
  • Assessment of body composition via scale weight, girth measurements, impedance, and caliper measurement. Scheduled reassessments and constant monitoring ensure rapid progress through program changes when required.
  • Movement assessment, including mobility, flexibility, and overall learning style for coaching new movements.
  • Consistent, accurate logging of assessment results to determine what factors need the greatest improvement, or to continually ensure progress is being made.

Program Design

  • Programs designed around your specific goals.
  • Programs built from scratch, based on science-driven protocols and practical application experience. Extremely detailed periodization (program design), with additional programming provided for those not completing all training days in studio.
  • Improve flexibility, stabilization, and balance through an integrated performance program with your specific goals in mind.
  • Nutrition counseling, cardiovascular exercise programming, and extra resistance training programming to improve your results.

Technique & Coaching

  • Learn the proper execution of all exercises relevant to your goals with attentive coaching focused on movement quality.
  • Problem solving exercises prescribed to help you achieve your strength, endurance, or mobility goals even faster.
  • Welcoming, attentive coaching with a focus on building the inner athlete in each client.
  • Build confidence in capability, whether in technique, overall performance, or self-esteem. We build confident, capable athletes across all fitness goals.

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12 sessions prepaid (minimum)
$30.00per session, per person